Small cross timber plates

Small cross timber plates are used whenever a seamless appearance has to be obtained – unlike natural knot dowels. Small cross timber plates are thus the most advantageous variant when retouching any work piece. Here too, our range includes any possible size you can think of.


Resin gall plugs

Resin gall plugs, or wood plugs, are mainly used to retouch resin galls, so-called resin pockets, sometimes found within wood. Of course they also allow to make invisible any knots of branches that have fallen out, spike knots, wood wanes, bark pockets, etc. Shapes and sizes are available in all conceivable variations – naturally those serving your purpose, too.


Natural knot dowels

Natural knot dowels are manufactured from branches and thus feature concentric annual rings on the surface of the dowel. Visually, this reproduces the pattern of a natural knot for the beholder. Natural knot dowels are available in redwood and in spruce. Widths and sizes are in stock in all standard dimensions. Do you have specific requirements? We’ll accomodate you.